Christmastime at Jarosch Bakery

2018 Order Deadlines & Hours

NOW ACCEPTING ORDERS! Due to the large amount of orders, certain products – such as rye & cinnamon breads, eclairs & bismarks, miniature pastries – won't be available for pick up until later on Christmas Eve morning rather than right when we open.

*Due to the high volume of orders on Saturday, December 22nd and Monday, December 24th, we WILL NOT ANSWER PHONES until that afternoon so please order ahead. If you want to shop, there will be plenty of products for purchase in store.


Sunday, December 23rd: CLOSED

Monday, December 24th (Christmas Eve): 6:30a - 5:00p

Tuesday, December 25th (Christmas Day): CLOSED

Wednesday, December 26th: CLOSED

Thursday, December 27th — Saturday, December 29th: 6:30a - 5:00p

Sunday, December 30th: CLOSED

Monday, December 31st (New Year's Eve): 6:30a - 5:00p

Tuesday, January 1st (New Years Day): CLOSED

The bakery will resume its regular hours beginning Wednesday, January 2, 2018

 Download the Jarosch Bakery Christmas Price List

Butter Cookies

Christmas Butter cookie boxesWhile Jarosch Bakery’s regular Butter Cookies are known far and wide for their addictive buttery flavors, we also create a second assortment of Jarosch butter cookies at Christmastime! All 47 varieties of these delicate cookies are handmade, dipped, and decorated by our talented pastry staff - down to the very last button on each Snowman! The time, effort, and care put into Jarosch Butter Cookies make each cookie box an extra special gift for your friends and family.

Priced by weight, we package these beautiful little cookies in a variety of forms as ideal gifts for clients, coworkers, friends, and family. 

In December, we accept only Butter Cookie Orders for 3 Types of Assortments:

Full Assortments, No-Nut Assortments, and Non-Christmas Assortments

There is no pre-ordering of specific cookie types. If you would like certain kinds of butter cookies, we invite you to come to the bakery between November 26th - December 14th and we'll pack up all of your favorites while you wait! We'll happily shrink wrap your boxes, and we highly recommend freezing them until Christmas. It works - we've tried it! Give us a call if you have any questions - our friendly staff is happy to help!

Butter Cookie Gift Packages

Christmas Cookies

All Orders with Cookies must be ordered by Monday, December 17th


Choose from dinner rolls, Parker House rolls, croissants, salt sticks, potato rolls, and more to serve at your holiday feast. Treat your family to toasted Cinnamon Bread and Cinnamon Raisin Bread on Christmas morning then pair leftover ham with slices of homemade Caraway Seed or Plain Rye Loaves for an epic sandwich! 

Seasonal Coffeecakes

Order all NON-COOKIE Bakery Items by Thursday, December 20th. We, of course, have all of our coffeecakes available so be sure to order your favorites and give these seasonal treats a try as well!

Christmas Cakes & Tortes

Hot Cocoa Cup Cake

NEW! Treat your holiday guests to a feast for the eyes as well as their stomachs! The Cocoa Cup Cake has two layers of devil's food and one layer of yellow cake sandwiching two layers of creamy chocolate buttercream filling. Our incredible decorators create a wintery green paintbrush effect on the buttercream icing, resembling a pottery mug full of cocoa and marshmallows! Finally, the cake is garnished with mini chocolate chip cookies, white chocolate trees, and a white chocolate mug handle.

Peppermint Ganache CakeORDER ONLY! The classic Christmas pairing of peppermint and chocolate comes to life in our Peppermint Ganache Cake. Peppermint buttercream provides the filling and icing surrounding three layers of devil's food cake. For an extra chocolatey touch, ganache is drizzled down the sides and decorated with peppermints. If you love peppermint hot chocolate, this one's for you!

Snowflake Cake '16Add sparkle and shine to your dessert table this year with our Snowflake Cake. Soft, vanilla white cake is layered with creamy, smooth vanilla buttercream filling and covered with icy blue buttercream icing. A pearly sheen, sparkling pixie dust, and sugar snowflakes provide the wintery finish to this gorgeous cake.

Princess TorteThe Princess Torte - ORDER ONLY Enjoy the torte made famous by Chicago's Swedish Bakery, which closed its doors after 88 years in the baking business in February 2017. Swedish Bakery kindly shared their recipe for the Princess Torte with us! It has layers of yellow cake with homemade whipped cream and custard fillings. We ice the cake with whipped cream and enrobe it with sage green marzipan. Finally, the torte is finished with a lovely buttercream rose embellishment and pearl drop borders. 

Modern Yule LogPre-Orders Recommended! Our gorgeous Modern Yule Log is our version of Buche de Noel, a classic Christmas cake made with either Yellow or Devil's Food cake rolled with chocolate buttercream filling and iced in our rich fudge. It's sleekly decorated with gum paste holly, poinsettias, and edible "snow."

Retro Yule LogORDER ONLY! Our Retro Yule Log is a traditional Christmas staple consisting of either Yellow or Devil's Food cake rolled with chocolate buttercream filling and covered in chocolate buttercream icing. To achieve the retro look, we decorate with buttercream snow and vintage Christmas figurines and poinsettias.

Santa Face Cake 2018ORDER ONLY! The kids will love the Santa Face Cake! Choose from Yellow, Devil's Food, or Half & Half cake layers with buttercream filling and icing. Custom fillings and sizes are available!

Wreath Cake 2018ORDER ONLY! Nothing looks more like Christmas than our Wreath Cake! Choose Yellow, Devil's Food, or Half & Half cake layers with buttercream filling and icing. Custom fillings and sizes are available!

Custom Christmas Cake 2018ORDER ONLY! Add festivity to your Custom decorated cake with Christmas decorations! We offer this great vintage Christmas set, as well as buttercream, gum paste, sugar, or plastic poinsettias and other Christmas decor options. Drawings are also available but we at least a few days notice for those, as well as a prepaid drawing deposit. Call or stop in to order!

Christmas Torte CutAdd fun and festivity to your table with our Christmas Whipped Cream Torte! Strawberry cream filling is sandwiched between three layers of white vanilla cake-- one poinsettia pink, one Grinch green, and one snow white-- and iced with fluffy whipped cream. For even more color, red and green sprinkles cover the sides and the top is adorned with Christmas decorations.

Winter Cake 2018ORDER ONLY! Enjoy a wintery treat when you order a Custom decorated cake with our Winter Set! Our decorators set the scene with mounds of buttercream "snow" surrounding a little village with sledding snow babies, wintery trees, snowflakes, and more. As this is custom, you get to choose your size, cake dough, filling, and icing.

Traditional European Treats

Limpa Bread

Limpa Bread

SEASONAL ONLY! Limpa is a Swedish Rye Bread and traditional favorite during the holiday season. The citrus notes and hint of anise create a soft, sweet loaf that pairs beautifully with jams, preserves, cream cheese, and even just lightly toasted with a little butter. We bake it only during November and December so be sure to grab a few extra loaves for the freezer!


Yulekaga 2SEASONAL ONLY! This Norwegian Christmas Bread is a rare loaf found at Jarosch Bakery only in December! Candied fruits, citron, and cardamom give the buttery dough plenty of sweet and warm holiday flavor. Serve it sliced with a goat cheese spread for a Christmas appetizer or toast and serve it with a hot cup of coffee for breakfast. Available in one and two pound loaves.


Stollen 2SEASONAL ONLY! A well-known German Christmas tradition, Stollen has a long, distinguished history, having been baked for the first time at the Council of Trent! It is a buttery Christmas bread filled with candied fruits and pecans spiced with mace and a bit of citrus - a perfect coffeecake with breakfast or light dessert. Choose your size - small or large - and choose your topping: Powdered Sugar, Cinnamon Sugar, Plain, or Icing.

Fruit Cake

Fruit Cake

SEASONAL ONLY! It just isn't Christmas without Fruit Cake! Sure, it's a heavy loaf but that's because it's filled-- and we mean FILLED-- with a colorful array of candied fruits and nuts adding sweetness and crunch. And of course, rum extract adds the traditional flavor that pairs nicely with all of those fruits. At Jarosch, our Fruit Cake is wrapped with a bow and ready to go for the holidays AND available in single slices if you want "just a taste."


Pfefferneusse with BagsSEASONAL ONLY! Thankfully you don't need to know how to spell or say the name of these Christmas cookies in order to enjoy them! Pronounced "Feffer-noose-eh," these "pepper nut" cookies are German gingerbread cookies covered in peppermint icing and coated in powdered sugar. They're great served with tea or coffee!


SpringerleSEASONAL ONLY! While the dough seems simple-- butter, sugar, eggs, flour-- the process to make Springerle cookies is extensive. Once rolled with the various decorative designs Springerle are known for, these delicate, chewy cookies flavored with anise oil must sit and proof for hours before being baked for another long duration. The work is worth it though, as these lovely biscuits conjure memories of childhood and Christmastime in Germany.

Christmas Cupcakes

Bring color and character to your Christmas table with cupcakes from Jarosch. Our Christmas Cupcake Packs contain three yellow and three devil’s food cupcakes festively decorated  for the season and already packed to go. You and your guests can also savor holiday flavors with our December Gourmet Cupcakes.

December Gourmet Cupcakes

Petite Pastries

December Cake Shots

Christmas Petit Fours

Christmas Petit Fours 2018Our Christmas Petit Fours will add a bit of sparkle and festivity to your holiday table! These elegant morsels have a thin layer strawberry preserves and buttercream between two layers of white vanilla cake. Sweet white fondant is delicately draped over the  little cake and then finished with a touch of red or green spray and Christmas decor.

Santa Bellies

Santa Bellies 2018Add a little "Ho! Ho! Ho!" to your holiday with bright and festive Santa Bellies! To make these terrific tummies, buttery yellow crunch cakes filled with creamy buttercream are iced with sweet red fondant and finished with the classic Santa belt and buttons.

Hot Cocoa Cups

Hot Cocoa Mousse CupsCurl up with a Hot Cocoa Cup filled with delicate chocolate mousse! No cup of hot chocolate would be complete without a dollop of whipped cream, sprinkles, chocolate "steam," and a couple of cookies on the side. The best part? You can eat the mug too!


Contact us to shop for your special Christmas desserts this holiday season. We create a wide selection of holiday treats for our customers throughout Elk Grove Village, Illinois, and the Chicago Metro area.