Please READ the following information about our Shipping procedures before calling the bakery.

Placing An Order

Jarosch Bakery ships via UPS and you must call to place shipping orders.  Here is some valuable information for you to know PRIOR to calling us.

Jarosch Bakery will temporarily stop SHIPPING for the Summer

The last day to ship any products is Wednesday, May 23rd, 2018 so

ORDERS MUST BE PLACED by Tuesday, May 22nd, 2018

2nd Day Transit Periods

Since we do not use preservatives in our products, we highly recommend a 2nd Day Transit Period for our products.  This 2-day transit can be achieved in some parts of the country via Ground and many other regions by Second Day Air only. See the UPS Ground Time-in-Transit from Chicago Map below:


The MAROON, GREEN and BRIGHT ORANGE areas on the map are outside of the UPS 2-day time-in-transit for Ground Shipping from Chicago, so if you live in one of those areas we recommend 2nd Day AIR for shipment of your product.  

WARNING:  This can get costly!  Those people living in the MAROONGREEN and BRIGHT ORANGE areas on the map above have experienced 2nd Day Air shipping costs upwards of $150.00 or more for a 13lb. package.  But sometimes you just need a Jarosch fix!

Shipping FAQs

What products can I order?

Many of our coffee cakes, breads, pound cake, brownies, and cookies ship well.  

We currently do not ship any perishable products such as eclairs, cakes, cupcakes, whipped cream products, etc. that require refrigeration or can be easily damaged.

We do ship our famous butter cookies. However, even though we package the butter cookies on trays for added protection, because of their tender goodness we know for a fact there will be cookie breakage.  This is unfortunate, but we can't change the recipe-- the cookies won't taste the same!  Spoons or sticky fingers are perfect for eating up every last crumb! 

When do you ship products during the week?

Jarosch Bakery ships Monday through Wednesday only since UPS does not deliver on the weekends except for orders sent via Next Day Air Saturday Delivery.  Again-- COSTLY!

UPS does not include the day the package was shipped in its time-in transit calculations.  UPS also does not include Saturday, Sunday, or Public Holidays (Memorial Day, Independence Day, etc.) in its time-in-transit calculations. Please make note of this when estimating ship time from Chicago. 

Jarosch Bakery cannot be held responsible for shipping delays caused by weather or other events beyond our control. UPS will also suspend its shipping guarantees for all services on occasion. This usually occurs just before the Christmas holiday or due to weather conditions, hence our shipping deadlines outlined above.

Can I place a Same Day Order? 

We DO NOT ship Same Day orders. Once an order has been placed, it will normally be shipped the next available shipping day UNLESS shipping on that day will not allow the product to arrive in a timely manner (see “2nd-Day Transit Periods” above).   

Address Accuracy Counts

UPS does not ship to P.O. Boxes. When calling, please provide us with an apartment or unit number if appropriate for the recipient's address. Also, please be sure the recipient's zip code is correct. Any missing or inaccurate information may cause a delay in the delivery of your order. Jarosch Bakery is not responsible for shipping delays caused by missing or inaccurate address information.  Please be prepared to give us the recipient's phone number as well.

Does Jarosch Bakery guarantee deliveries?

Jarosch Bakery DOES NOT guarantee specific delivery dates. Therefore, we recommend the following:

•Plan ahead and ship early, especially around the holidays.

•You may freeze many of our products then thaw and use them on the day you need them.

What will my shipment cost?

Your total price when shipping our product is comprised of 4 components:  

  1. Product with Tax – see our online Menu
  2. Processing Fee - $4.00
  3. Packaging Fee - $2.00 per product item (This covers the sturdy boxes and packaging materials used.
  4. Shipping cost – Varies based on destination, Method of Shipping, and UPS Calculated Dimensional Weight.

It’s easy for us to give you the product, packing, & processing fees, but the Shipping cost is a tricky estimate and cannot be fully determined until we bake the products, package them, and weigh them.