Spread the Love with Jarosch Bakery

Unlike a box of chocolates, you always know what you're going to get from Jarosch Bakery! Scratch-made desserts made by experts using top-quality ingredients reflect the love and care we put into everything we bake. This Valentine's Day, spread the love and give your special someone an unforgettable treat from Jarosch!

Valentine's Day Cakes

Red Velvet Heart Cake

Spark the Romance with our Red Velvet Heart Cake! Enjoy delicate, moist red velvet cake shaped into a heart, filled with a layer of sweet and tangy cream cheese frosting. We cover it with a blanket of dark chocolate ganache then finish this sumptuous cake with white Valentine's Day decor.

Cherry Heart Coffeecake

Start your Valentine's Day with a little extra love! The Cherry Heart Coffeecake is a fantastic Valentine breakfast treat for the family with its bright and fruity cherry preserves marbled throughout buttery Danish dough. We generously top this heart-shaped coffeecake with crumbly streusel, icing, and festive red sugar.

Layers of Love

Share the love with tortes, cakes, and more from Jarosch Bakery! The Chocolate Raspberry Torte has devil's food cake filled with layers of chocolate and raspberry whipped creams and iced with more raspberry whipped cream. If you love raspberry truffles (and who doesn't?) then this is the cake for you. 

Sprinkle a little happiness on your special someone's day with a Valentine's Day Sprinkle Cake! Underneath wall to wall sprinkles you will find creamy buttercream filling and icing with layers of devil's food and yellow cake. If you're searching for a more sophisticated dessert, savor the flavors of coffee and Kahlua soaked into layers of buttery yellow cake with mascarpone in our Tiramisu Torte! And during the month of February only, you can snag the Tiramisu Torte at 15% off!

The Complete Package

Surprise your friends and family with gift-wrapped goodies from Jarosch Bakery.

For the cookie monsters in your life, the Holiday Iced Cookie Bag offers one iced and one sprinkle heart-shaped cookies wrapped in a cellophane bag with a Jarosch sticker. Our festive Holiday 6 Cookie Bag contains six heart-shaped cookies: 3 with sprinkles and 3 with colored sugar-- perfect for kids! Our delicate Butter Cookies will be available in special 1# Heart Cookie Trays, as well as our lovely bowed 1# Delicieux Boxes.

For something a bit more unique, Petit Strawberry Shortcakes and Petit New York Cheesecakes are perfect desserts for two! Each is prepackaged in heart-shaped containers and covered with fresh strawberries. The shortcake has yellow cake and a pink whipped cream border while the cheesecake has creamy New York style cheesecake and a white whipped cream border. Fortunately the bakery also has forks in case you want to dig in right away!

Precious Petit Pastries

A little love goes a long way and these small sweets are proof of it! Our February Cake Shots come ready-to-eat with tiny spoons in six delectable flavors:

Valentine's Day CupcakesOur Cupcake 6 Packs are ideal for classmates and coworkers who love a good cupcake. Each six pack contains three yellow and three devil's food cupcakes iced with a pink and white buttercream swirl. Decorated with heart sprinkles, these are fun to share and ready to travel!

Cupid's Cup of Love

Give the chocoholics in your life a chocolatey treat they'll never forget! For the Cupid's Cup of Love, we fill an edible dark chocolate cup with light and creamy chocolate mousse then cover the mousse with fluffy pink whipped cream. A red glitter chocolate heart adds a touch of sparkle to this delectable dessert.

Pink Heart Cakes
No holiday would be complete without Jarosch Bakery Bon-Bons and Valentine's Day is no exception! These miniature heart-shaped cakes have two layers of white vanilla cake with strawberry preserve and buttercream fillings. Bright pink fondant covers each cake, creating a tiny tasty treat you won't want to share... so be sure to grab extra!





Even More Valentine's Delights

These treats are the epitome of Valentine's Day: pretty, sweet, and all about the love!

Our Iced Heart Cookies and Sprinkle Heart Cookies are available through Valentine's Day so stop by for a snack or have us pack you a box to share! For that over-the-top finish at the end of a candlelit romantic dinner, surprise her with a Round New York Style Cheesecake: creamy, decadent cheesecake with a buttery graham cracker crust covered-- and we mean COVERED-- in glazed fresh strawberries. For a slightly less decadent dessert that's just as beautiful, savor the Heart-Shaped Strawberry Shortcake with its layer of fluffy yellow cake piled high with glazed strawberries.

If your special someone loves chocolate, try our Heart-Shaped Boston Cream Pie: a layer of devil's food cake sliced in half and filled with our famous custard and iced with rich fudge.