Paczki Day & Mardi Gras • March 5th, 2019

Laissez les bons temps rouler! If you're craving classic Chicago paczki, look no further than Jarosch Bakery! From February 18th thru March 9th, you'll find King's Cakes, Paczki, and more!

King's Cakes

King's Cake 2Celebrate Carnival season with a King's Cake! The history of this cake dates back 300 years and since it's considered bad luck to consume a King's Cake outside of Mardi Gras season, we suggest you enjoy a few before the season ends.

The Jarosch Bakery King's Cake uses Danish coffeecake dough filled with one of three flavors: All Butter, Raspberry, or Almond. Each is generously drizzled with classic icing and colored sugar. Mardi Gras beads and the baby figurine are placed on top of the cake. These are fun treats to share at work or with family and friends!

Mardi Gras Sprinkle Cake

For those of us who truly want to indulge before the Lenten fast, the colorful Mardi Gras Sprinkle Cake is the way to go. This cake has layers of devil's food and yellow cake with creamy buttercream filling and icing and is covered entirely in Mardi Gras themed sprinkles! We then add a little Mardi Gras decor to finish the festive look.

Cupcake Pack

Mardi Gras Cupcakes 4
Another colorful and scrumptious option for your Mardi Gras celebration is the Mardi Gras Cupcake Six Pack. Each pack has three buttery yellow cupcakes and three fluffy devil's food cupcakes iced with creamy colored buttercream in the traditional purple, green, and golden yellow. For a festive finish, each cupcake is garnished with sprinkles, a Mardi Gras sugar lay-on, and gold pixie dust for added sparkle!


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Mardi Gras season also means Paczki season! This year Paczki Day is Tuesday, March 5th, 2019. These Polish delicacies-- pronounced "Punch-key"-- are traditionally fried yeast donuts filled with prune jam and covered in powdered sugar.

When it comes to Paczki, we believe in a greater filling to donut ratio so-- with the exception of our Custard Paczki-- instead of injecting the fried donut, we slice it in half and add a heaping amount of delicious filling! That's how we do it at Jarosch! Choose from 13 filling flavors and ORDER EARLY to ensure you get all the varieties you want! Select paczki flavors will be available in store at the beginning of February; you'll be able to find our full variety of paczki flavors from January 29th through February 14th.

Download as many of our Paczki Order Forms that you will need and fax them over or drop them off at the bakery. When faxing orders please note that all fax orders will be confirmed by phone within 1 to 12 hours of receiving the fax so please leave a phone number and time frame at which we can reach you. If you do not receive a call from us within that time period, please call us to confirm we received your fax. Our fax number is 847-437-1268.

You may also call us any time during business hours to place your orders. We DO NOT ACCEPT EMAIL ORDERS or SAME DAY FAX ORDERS.

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Contact us to learn about our selection of paczkis. At our bakery, we proudly offer these Fat Tuesday treats in a number of flavor varieties for purchase throughout Elk Grove Village, Illinois, and the Chicago Metro area.