The Popular Tiramisu Torte & Other Flavors

Need a dessert for an impromptu party? Jarosch Bakery offers a daily array of gourmet Whipped Cream Tortes or buttercream layer cakes for every occasion. With fourteen flavors to choose from, you’re bound to find the ideal whipped cream torte to please all of your guests.

Bailey’s Torte

Bailey's TorteCelebrate the Luck o’ the Irish year round! For the flavorful filling and icing surrounding yellow and devil’s food cake layers, we infuse our fluffy whipped cream with real Bailey’s Irish Cream. Maraschino cherries, chocolate Irish Cream candies, and chocolate chips add a touch of whimsy to this popular torte.

Banana Torte

Banana TorteAdding real bananas to our batter creates a soft cake dough with a warm, sweet flavor complimented by tangy raspberry preserve filling and airy whipped cream icing. We add texture to the Banana Torte with crunchy pecans and coconut cake crunch. Professional quality with a homemade taste!

Black Forest Torte

Black Forest TorteNo German bakery is complete without a Black Forest Torte and our interpretation of this Old World favorite is not to be missed! We enhance spongy layers of yellow and devil’s food cake with cherry liqueur, add succulent cherry filling, ice the torte with cherry liqueur infused pink whipped cream, and cover the side with toasted almonds. If that weren’t tempting enough, we garnish the Black Forest Torte with maraschino cherries and a heaping pile of chocolate shavings.

Chocolate Caramel Torte

Chocolate Caramel TorteChocolate and caramel come together in one harmonious cake! For the delicate Chocolate Caramel Torte, we fill tender devil’s food cake layers with velvety caramel cream and frost the torte with smooth chocolate whipped cream. For an added touch, chocolate drizzle, curls, and sprinkles serve as the chocolatey garnish.

Chocolate Cheese Torte

Chocolate Cheese TorteAffectionately known as the “Sleeper Hit,” the center of our Chocolate Cheese Torte boasts a thick layer of light and spongy German cheesecake between two layers of devil’s food cake. We add satiny chocolate whipped cream filling and icing on top, then scatter chocolate sprinkles as a garnish. A surprising hit for your dessert table!

Chocolate Raspberry Torte

Chocolate Raspberry TorteLuxurious raspberry whipped cream is the star of this beautiful and delicious torte. It blankets soft layers of devil’s food cake and smooth fillings of chocolate and raspberry creams. By pairing the fruitiness of raspberry and richness of chocolate, the Chocolate Raspberry Torte has a flavor as exquisite as the finest raspberry truffle.

Chunky Chocolate Brownie Cake

Brownie Whipped Cream Cake

A brand new cake quickly becoming a customer favorite! Tender devil's food cake is filled with a generous layer of chocolate whipped cream in which we mix chunks of no-nut brownie pieces. We then ice the cake in more of our delectable chocolate whipped cream, garnish the sides with chocolate sprinkles, and finish the cake with more brownie pieces.

Custard Torte

Custard TorteOur silky and flavorful scratch-made custard rests between layers of devil’s food and yellow cake, making the Custard Torte a satisfying dessert for you and your guests. We frost the top of the cake with whipped cream and finish it with walnuts and plump cherries.

Devil’s Food Whipped Cream Cake

Devil's Food WC CakeThe Devil’s Food Whipped Cream Cake highlights the pure flavors of our heavenly whipped cream paired with our light and fluffy devil’s food layers. We garnish the sides with crumby chocolate cake crunch and add dark chocolate shavings on top for texture. Enjoy simplicity at its finest!

German Chocolate Torte

German Chocolate CakeThere’s a reason the decadently sweet German Chocolate Torte has been going strong since the 19th century! Steeped in tradition, our German chocolate cake dough has a lighter cocoa flavor with a touch of sweetness. We generously layer it with German chocolate filling containing all the classic flavors— eggs, sugar, pecans, coconut— and finish the German Chocolate Torte with a fudge border.

Graham Cracker Torte

Graham Cracker TorteMake dessert memorable with our fantastic Graham Cracker Torte! Graham cracker crumbs and honey create a pleasing, mellow taste in our unique graham cracker dough. We then fill and ice the cake with whipped cream and add chocolate covered grahams and maraschino cherries as garnish for a lovely and inviting torte your guests will love.

Hawaiian Torte

Hawaiian TorteBring the flavor of the tropics to your table! To bring the Hawaiian Torte to life, we layer buttery yellow cake with juicy cherries and refreshing crushed pineapple then frost the cake with silky whipped cream. Pineapple, cherries, palm trees, and toasted coconut adorn the top of this festive cake— a perfect tropical treat any time of the year.

Rum Torte

Rum TorteWe highlight the warm flavor of rum in this appetizing torte filled with rum-infused chocolate whipped cream, layers of devil’s food cake, and then covered with more chocolate rum whipped cream. The extra treat of rum cordials on top makes this a must for rum lovers.

Strawberry Whipped Cream Cake

Strawberry WC CakeOur top-selling torte! Between layers of yellow cake are generous amounts of plump strawberries cooked to enhance their sweetness. The Strawberry Whipped Cream Cake is then blanketed in smooth whipped cream, a delectable strawberry swirl, and nutty coconut crunch on the side.

Tiramisu Torte

Tiramisu TorteOur interpretation of this classic Italian dessert begins by dousing yellow cake layers with a blend of aromatic coffee and the warm vanilla notes of Kahlúa. With velvety mascarpone filling, whipped cream icing, chocolate curls, and a dusting of cocoa powder, the Tiramisu Torte is a crowd pleaser at any event.