Brighten Your Coworkers’ Day with Fresh Donuts

It’s Monday morning, and everyone is trudging into work just trying to stay awake until that first sip of morning coffee. Then you appear at the morning meeting with a box of fresh donuts from Jarosch Bakery, and suddenly those Monday frowns have turned into smiles!

Baked Fresh Every Day

We bake our donuts fresh every day, so when you bring our donuts to work with you, you’re giving your coworker’s a fresh, tasty treat that big-name coffee shops can’t beat.

A Wide Variety of Donuts Available

We refer to our donuts as “fry cakes,” and offer both cake donuts and raised yeast donuts in a wide variety of flavors. With so many options, you can please every palate in your workplace. Offering both classic options like glazed, chocolate, and powdered sugar, as well as exciting varieties like apple fritters, red velvet, and toasted coconut crunch, we offer endless options for your morning!

When you are looking for donuts near Elk Grove that you can bring to work to delight your coworkers, look no further than Jarosch Bakery! We offer a wide selection of tasty treats that can turn a boring morning meeting in a wonderful start to your day.

Enjoy a Sweets Table at Your Fall Wedding

pastries schaumburg

Aside from the romantic ceremony, what most guests look forward to is the food to be served at the reception – and the wedding cake. Imagine their delight when they walk into the reception area and see a sweets table full of delicious and beautiful desserts. A dessert buffet is a welcome addition to any wedding reception.

A Vast Array of Treats to Choose From

You can fill your sweets table with a wide array of pastries and other treats including miniature pastries, cake shots, cupcakes, cake pops, donut holes, and more. The benefit of offering a sweets table is that you have something for everyone. Not everyone likes cake, but with a sweets table, your guests can all satisfy their sweet tooth.

Delivery Options

When you order pastries in Schaumburg for your sweets table, we deliver! You can read more about our delivery options here.

Fall Wedding Aesthetic

Once you’ve selected your sweets, you’ll want to incorporate them into the aesthetic of your wedding. Burlap, sunflowers, orange and yellow leaves, and pumpkins are all great ways to incorporate fall into your sweets table design. Placing hay bales on the sides of the table can be a great way to frame it. You want your dessert table to be a feast for the eyes as well as for the stomach.

When are getting ready for your wedding, turn to Jarosch Bakery for your wedding cake and sweets table.

Make Your Coworker’s Retirement Party Extra Special with a Custom Cake

retirement cakeWe’re all looking forward to retiring eventually, yet it can also be emotional saying goodbye to the coworkers with which we’ve spent many great years. Show your company’s retirees just how much their presence was appreciated and how much your team will miss them with a retirement party. And at the center of this celebration you’ll definitely need a delicious cake!

Picking out Their Favorite Flavor

Find out which flavor the retiree likes best and have the team at Jarosch Bakery bake up a fantastic cake your coworker will love. Choose from a variety of cake flavors like classic Vanilla to the uniquely Graham Cracker! Add even more custom touches with over thirty fillings options – like fresh fruits, preserves, flavored creams, and more – liqueurs, and garnishes.

Creating the Perfect Message

No retirement cake is complete without a message. You can go funny, sentimental, or anything in between. View our ​gallery​ to see a selection of retirement cakes we’ve made for inspiration.

Getting Everyone Together One Last Time

Nothing brings people together quite like a delicious cake. Bring the whole office together for one last party with your coworker, and make their last day of work before retirement extra special. They will love the chance to hang out with their coworkers one last time.

Where to Get the Best Custom Cakes

When you are looking for cakes in Schaumburg, IL, look no further than Jarosch Bakery. We can create custom cakes for any occasion at our from-scratch bakery in Elk Grove Village. We serve clients in Elk Grove Village, Arlington Heights, Schaumberg, and the surrounding areas.

Order a Custom Cake for Your Gender Reveal Party

pregnant woman and friends at a baby showerPregnancy is an exciting time, with lots of opportunities to bring family together to welcome the new addition to your family. A favorite way to celebrate the new baby is with a gender-reveal party. There are many creative ways that you can announce the gender of your new child, but a gender-reveal cake is an old standard that is always a great option.

An Excuse to Get Together

Nothing brings family together like a new baby – and cake! Throwing a gender reveal party with a cake is an excellent way to bring your whole family together. Play baby shower games, and have your family vote on what gender they believe the baby is. Having a tally board on display for guests to vote is a great way to engage friends and family in the fun. Then, cut the cake and see who guessed correctly!

You Can Have Your Cake and Eat it Too

There are many ways that you can reveal the gender of your baby, from popping a confetti-filled balloon to exploding colored chalk, but a cake is the only gender-reveal prop you can eat! Everyone loves to eat cake, so you’ll feel double the joy when you cut into it and see pink or blue inside.

Your Source for Specialty Cakes near Chicago

When you need specialty cakes near Chicago, IL, for your gender reveal party, place your order at Jarosch Bakery. We can create a custom cake for any occasion!

Make Your Kid’s Birthday Magical with a Custom Cake

Sofia the First custom birthday cakeWhen you are planning a child’s birthday, there are many things to consider. Picking out a cake should be one of the first things on your list. You could go to a grocery store and get a generic cake that says “Happy Birthday” on it, but do you really want to do that? While it is convenient, it lacks a personal touch. They’re only this young once, so make these memories extra special with a custom cake.

Creating a Theme – What is your child into these days? Is he going through a pirate phase? Is she all about unicorns? The theme of your party should reflect your kid’s wonderful personality and their interests. While you’re picking out décor for the party, you can also order a custom cake in Chicago, IL, that matches the theme.

Your Child’s Individuality – As a parent, you want to encourage your kids to be individuals. Let them show their creativity and individuality by asking them to help you design the cake! It will be a fun activity for both of you and help your child engage with their creative side. And with a variety of flavors to choose from, you can cater to their personal taste as well.

Enough for All Their Friends – When you order a custom cake, you can be sure that you will have enough to go around. Grocery store cakes come in only a few sizes, but when you order a custom cake from Jarosch Bakery, you can tell us how many people will be in attendance, and we will craft a cake designed to feed them.

Make Your Summer Wedding Spectacular with a Custom Cake

three-tier wedding cake at outdoor weddingWarm weather means it is officially wedding season. Many brides are in the last few months of planning for their big days, and if you don’t have your cake planned out yet, you need to start planning fast. Luckily, our bakery near Chicago, IL, has you covered – whether you’re inviting 50 guests or 500.

Choosing Your Flavors

When you make a tasting appointment with us, you get to choose three cake flavors and two filling flavors, presented in a 7” sample cake, iced with our classic buttercream. There are a wide variety of fillings and flavors to choose from, but here are some that we think are perfect for summer:

  • Traditional Wedding Cake – Moist and buttery, this cake has a hint of lemon to lighten the flavor, perfect for a summer wedding. We recommend pairing this cake with strawberry preserves, blueberry cream, lemon cream, or even pineapple.
  • Devil’s Food Cake – This light and tender chocolate cake pairs beautifully with mocha, raspberry cream, and strawberry cream.
  • White Cake – This vanilla-flavored cake is incredibly versatile and will taste delicious with a wide variety of flavors like cherry cream, hazelnut cream, and Irish cream.

Custom Designs, Delivered

Our bakery can create the perfect custom cake for your wedding, and deliver it to the venue! Let us help make your summer wedding truly special with a one-of-a-kind creation from Jarosch Bakery. Contact us today to set up your consultation.

Delicious Wine and Cake Pairings

glasses of wineSometimes a little indulgence is just what you need, and what better way to indulge your sweet than with wine and cake? Here is a guide to help you choose the perfect wine to go with Jarosch’s specialty cakes near Chicago, IL.

Red Velvet – Pinot Noir

Red velvet is known for its delightfully smooth texture and cream cheese frosting. Pinot noir is the perfect accent to the chocolate undertones in red velvet cake.

Devil’s Food Cake – Red Blends

Chocolate and red wine are a match made in heaven. Red blends like cabernet, Grenache, and Syrah are excellent pairings for rich devil’s food.

White Cake – Riesling

The “off-dry” characteristic of Riesling is perfect for bringing out the flavors of vanilla-flavored cake. Pick up a white cake with vanilla icing from Jarosch, and get a bottle of Riesling on your way home and enjoy!

Lemon – Prosecco

Prosecco’s delicate citrus flavor is the perfect compliment to the lemon-flavored cake. The bubbles in prosecco will also intensify the tart flavors in the lemon, making both the wine and the cake taste so much better.

Yellow Cake with Chocolate Icing – Bordeaux

The notes of berry flavor and earthy aroma of Bordeaux is a beautiful contrast to the richness of the chocolate icing and the yellow cake underneath.

Contact our bakery today to get some delicious specialty cakes to go with your next wine purchase today!

Custom Cookies are Perfect for Your Child’s Birthday

group of happy children at birthday partyPlanning a birthday party for your child is fun, but it can also be super stressful. From the invitations and decorations, to the entertainment and food – there’s a lot on your plate. Choosing customized cookies from our bakery near Chicago, IL instead of cake can lighten your party planning work load.

Less Mess

Kids are little mess-making machines, especially when you give them cake with lots of frosting that makes their fingers and faces colorful and sticky. Decorated cookies are just as delicious as a birthday cake without the mess. And there’s no need to worry about cleaning up utensils since you can eat the cookies with your hands!


Cookies from our bakery are a great time saver. Let us handle the baking while you fine tune the rest of the party plans. Skip the cake cutting and clean up so you can spend more time enjoying your child’s celebration. Plus you can avoid dealing with leftovers by ordering just the right amount of cookies for your party guests. Jarosch Bakery also saves you time by delivering the cookies to your door.

Delight Children with their Favorite Characters

We offer customized cookies in a variety of shapes and styles to delight your child and their friends with treats decorated to look like their favorite characters. Contact our bakery today and have us whip up some magical treats for your little one’s next birthday!

3 Elements of a Perfect Surprise Party

blowing out candles on cakeSurprise parties are a really fun way to show a friend or loved one how much you care about them on their birthday. Seeing their face light up when they see all of their friends and family in one place to celebrate their birthday is an amazing experience, and everyone should have at least one surprise party in their lives. Here are the three elements that make a surprise party truly special.

Inviting the Right People

When planning your party, you want to make sure all of the person’s closest friends and family are there. Try not to get wires crossed when deciding whom to invite. Choose people based on who their friends are, not whom you would invite. Planning alongside a relative or other close friend can help make sure all the right people are there.

Having the Perfect Cover Story

It’s a surprise party, so you don’t want them to find out about it before the big day. The best thing to do is to plan an outing with them for their birthday. Maybe you and two other friends want to take them to lunch, or out for coffee. Then, you bring them back to the venue where everyone is waiting to surprise them! Making plans for their birthday can be a great distraction because they won’t be expecting anything else.

Getting a Custom Cake

Sure, you could pick a premade cake up from the grocery store, but if you’re going through the trouble of setting up a surprise party, why not get a truly memorable cake? A custom cake shows that you put a lot of thought into helping your friend celebrate their birthday. You can get quality custom cakes near Chicago, IL from Jarosch Bakery. Our from-scratch bakery accepts orders for custom cakes at (847) 437-1234.

Make Morning Meetings Bearable with Danishes

Sweet Rolls and Donuts 1Waking up for work is a struggle for some, especially when they have a meeting scheduled first thing in the morning. Morning meetings are a necessity because they help you plan out the rest of the day, but it can be difficult to focus on a meeting when you’ve only just poured your first cup of coffee for the day. This is where our custom bakery near Chicago, IL can help. A plate of delicious Danishes will keep employee morale up and help everyone focus on the task at hand.

A Wide Variety of Flavors

With almost 20 different flavors to choose from, you can customize a tray of treats that will please everyone. From a traditional cheese Danish to a selection of fruit flavors like apple, blueberry, and cherry, there is a flavor for even the pickiest pastry eaters.

Keep Focused

Having something sweet to eat during a meeting can help keep everyone focused. They aren’t thinking about how they haven’t had breakfast left, and their spirits are lifted by the sweet treats. A tray of pastries just for the meeting can make a normal workday feel like a special occasion, energizing your team for the day ahead.

Contact Jarosch Bakery today to have a custom tray of Danishes delivered to your business!