Which Would Be Better for Your Celebration: a Torte or a Layer Cake?

Black Forest TorteCakes are the centerpiece of celebrations, so you want to be sure you choose the best one for your bash. When you’re shopping around for cakes in Schaumburg, IL, and the surrounding area, you’ll likely notice that the most decadent desserts come in two styles: tortes and layer cakes. Unlike the simpler sheet cakes, these two types feature layers, giving them a beautiful appearance and luxurious appeal. However, how do you choose between the two?

The Difference Between Tortes and Layer Cakes

Layer cakes are the more traditional option. They’re typically made with sugar, eggs, butter, and flour for a light texture and taste. The flour makes them rise, giving them plenty of height for decorating. Tortes, however, utilize little to no flour. Instead, ground nuts or breadcrumbs are used for a richer texture and taste. While they are shorter than layer cakes, they feature more layers and often higher quality ingredients.

When choosing cakes in Schaumburg, IL, the most important thing to consider your guests’ tastes. If you’re mainly feeding children or serving a large and diverse group, a layer cake is the safer choice since it has more popular appeal. However, if you want to impress guests with a gourmet dessert, a torte won’t let you down.

Shopping for Sweets, Pastries, and Breads Has Never Been Easier With Jarosch Bakery!

Order OnlineJarosch Bakery is a family-owned scratch bakery in Schaumburg, IL, that has been creating scrumptious delicacies since 1959. Whether you’re looking for that perfect gift, wanting to bring home fresh bread for a special family dinner, or just craving something sweet, this welcoming bakery has all of the breads and pastries of your dreams.


Online Ordering Made Easy As Pie

The pandemic may have set a “new normal” for lots of businesses, but it’s brought amazing new offerings from Jarosch Bakery. You can conveniently pre-order and pre-pay for all your favorite sweet treats (like our famous butter cookies, donuts, coffeecakes) through our online ordering system. This saves you potentially waiting on the phone during busy periods at the bakery, and it enables a clean, contactless payment method.


Jarosch Bakery’s new GrubHub store is another exciting ordering option. It’s perfect for locals who live within 3-4 miles and want a spur-of-the-moment treat. And it’s also a convenient and clever option for customers living out of town (who may not be able to travel during the pandemic), and those who want to send a sweet gift to friends and loved ones living closer to Jarosch Bakery.


Walk-In Sweet Relief Still Available

Jarosch Bakery will remain on top of the evolving changes during this pandemic so we can continue to provide our community with a little sweet relief during these extraordinary days. The bakery is open for walk-in shopping and pickup: we just ask that you wear a mask and follow the social distancing signs and procedures we’ve now implemented at our store. In addition to ordering online and through GrubHub, you may also order over the phone. If you have any questions about how Jarosch is handling business with the COVID pandemic, please call and speak with one of our experienced staff. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have!

The Ultimate in Transportable Treats

Donuts in Elk Grove VillageTreat yourself to your favorite donuts from our Elk Grove Village bakery. However, before you place your delivery order, there are two very different types of donuts that you should know about. First, there is the classic raised donut that you’ve probably eaten a thousand times. Then, there is the cake donut, a more filling and crunchier treat. Either one is perfect when ordering delivery, but personal preferences can differ significantly.


Understanding the Difference

Many people may not even realize the difference between cake and raised donuts, but almost everyone has a favorite, whether they know it or not. Cake donuts are made from a sweetened dough that ends up crunchier on the outside and softer on the inside. On the other hand, raised or yeast donuts are the type most are more familiar with. These are the kind that are made by frying the dough and have a lighter, fluffier texture.


Whichever type of donut you choose, you cannot go wrong. They are equally tasty treats; the style is a matter of personal preference. If you’re in the mood for one of these tasty snacks, Jarosch Bakery offers both cake and raised donuts, which means you can enjoy the most delicious, fresh pastries.

Gender Reveal Party Ideas

One of the most exciting parts of being pregnant is finding out whether you’re expecting a little girl or boy, and a gender reveal party is a fun way to get your family and friends involved. If you’re planning to find out and share the gender of your baby before he or she is born, there are lots of creative party ideas to make your reveal even more memorable and fun. Here are some ideas for festive gender reveals.

Balloon pop gender reveal. Fill an opaque black balloon with pink or blue confetti; then, when you pop the balloon, the flying confetti will reveal if it’s a boy or a girl.

Balloon box. Pack a handful of blue or pink helium balloons in a giant box. Then, as you open the lid, the balloons will float out to reveal your baby’s gender.

Gender reveal piñata. Buy or make a piñata that’s filled with blue or pink ribbons and glitter, and have your guests take turns trying to break it.

Gender reveal cake. What is a gender reveal party without cake? Delight your party guests by ordering a fresh bakery cake that has pink or blue filling. When you cut a slice of the cake, your guests will find out the gender.

When you need specialty cakes or cookies near Schaumburg for your gender reveal party, place your order at Jarosch Bakery. We can create a custom cake for any occasion.

Make Dad’s Special Day Even Better with Treats from Jarosch Bakery!

Father’s Day Holiday CookiesFather’s Day is almost here. Have you decided what to give Dad on his special day? This gift-giving decision seems to get harder each year, and you want to make sure you give him something he will love. After a certain age, even mom is of little help, and you are on your own. This can be a huge dilemma, and we want to help! Amongst all the gift choices, have you considered holiday cookies in Arlington Heights? Why not celebrate the dads in your life with some festive goodies?

Because of the COVID-19 restrictions, these are uncertain times for many businesses, but at least local bakeries, such as Jarosch Bakery, are offering a limited menu list. We can all get our beloved dad something yummy for this special day. Here is a list of ideas that are sure to make choosing Father’s Day gifts, such as holiday cookies, just a little easier.

For the Grill Masters – Fresh Garlic Bread is always decadent. Give a 16″ loaf of French Bread slathered with a blend of butter, garlic, and cheddar cheese spread. Perfect on the grill or in the oven!

Themed Treats – Celebrate your beloved father with extra festive goodies such as iced holiday cookies, a sprinkle cake, a pack of donuts, or yummy brownie packs.

Picnic Favorites – Get dad some sunny day sweets that he can savor at your Father’s Day cookout, such as strawberry shortcake, blueberry cheese strip, pies topped with whipped cream, or lemon bars.

COVID-19 Update From Jarosch Bakery

We’re happy to tell you that during this challenging time, our bakery is committed to remaining open to serving our clients and our community. We have taken all the necessary measures and extra precautions to ensure the health and safety of our staff and our customers.

We’ve implemented social distancing walk-in procedures. You’ll find signs at the entrance and exit, as well as designated markings to stand on to ensure a safe distance, as well as a Plexiglass shield in front of the register for payment. Finally, your order is placed in a designated spot for a contact-free transaction.

While we are currently operating with a limited menu, you’ll still find many of the baked goods you expect from us. We appreciate you supporting our small business and all of the small businesses in our area during this pandemic. Another amazing way to give back to our community is by supporting our first responders and healthcare workers. In these times, especially, we need to keep our sense of humor, and these masked smiley cookies in Schaumburg will bring a smile to their face.

A complete list of the safety procedures we’ve implemented, in addition to our usual commitment to health and food safety, can be found on our website. Thank you for your continued support!

Celebrate Easter with Jarosch Bakery

Are you looking to make your Easter get-together extra special? While we realize that this year’s Easter celebrations might look a little different than your regular gatherings, it’s still an important day to celebrate none-the-less. Whether your day is a big family get-together or a more intimidate celebration with your immediate family members, nothing will impress quite like sugar, spice, freshly baked goodies, and cakes in Schaumburg, IL.

This year, instead of filling the kiddo’s baskets with the same old candy, add a few delightful, handmade treats from Jarosch Bakery. We bake everything with love – from scratch. You can add a pop of color to your Easter table with our new Peep Bunny Centerpiece Cake, our new Bird’s Nest Centerpiece Cake, or serve up something fun for the little’s with our new Funfetti Cake Roll. Here are just a few more of the fantastic Easter treats your family and kids are sure to love:

  • An Easter Classic: Lamb Cake
  • Iced Egg Cookies
  • Small Egg Cakes
  • Peep Cupcakes
  • Brownie Egg on a Stick
  • Bunny Cookies
  • Easter Bread
  • Blessing Bread

To ensure your Easter treats are ready for you, the last day to place your order is Wednesday, April 8th. Call the bakery today at (847) 437-1234.


Say Thank You With Cookies

When a special someone goes above and beyond for you, and you want to show them just how much you appreciate them, but you want to say thank you in a special way, say it with cookies! Cookies are hands-down the best and tastiest way to show your appreciation and love for that person’s act of kindness.

Verbal thanks and thank you notes are appreciated, but cookies are loved by all! Individually wrapped or as an assorted platter, cookies are appropriate for many instances in which you want to express thanks. For the friend who went out of their way to help you: give cookies. For the outpouring of love you received from family and friends at a baby or bridal shower: give cookies. For the friends who helped celebrate your kiddo’s special birthday: give cookies. For the co-worker who has helped you with several key projects: send thank you cookies. For the school teacher and dance instructor who encourages and supports your children: you know they’ll love delicious cookies. For the many people who deserve your heartfelt words of thanks, plus a little something more: treat them with cookies!

Nothing beats the scratch-made cookies in Schaumburg from your favorite bakery, Jarosch Bakery. Ask about our famous handmade butter cookies when you call to place your cookie order.

Your Favorite Valentine’s Day Sweets

Cookies SchaumburgLove is in the air! When you pass out homemade cookies, cupcakes, and sweets this Valentine’s Day, everyone will be falling head over heels in love with you! Sure, there’s nothing like a box of chocolates or a dozen long-stem red roses to show your amour how much you love them, but Valentine’s Day is also the perfect time to express your love and appreciation for your friends, family, your kids’ school teachers and classmates, and your co-workers, too. Cute, creative, and delicious treats are the must-have gift this February 14th.


For Your Love: Trade in the heart-shaped chocolate box for a heart-shaped strawberry cheesecake instead. Yum!


For School Parties: Conversation heart cookies do all the talking with super sweet messages!


For Teachers: You won’t find a teacher who will say no to our Cupid’s Cup of Love filled with fluffy chocolate mousse. It will give them the boost they need to see them through the school day.


For Co-Workers: You’ll be the talk of the office – in a good way – when you show up to work with Heart Shaped Custard Bismarks and Brownie Lollipops. 


Nothing says “Be Mine” like a special sweet treat of cakes and cookies in Schaumburg. View our complete Valentine’s Day treat list and be sure to place your order over the phone or in-person in advance to guarantee the sweetest treats, handmade with love this Valentine’s Day.

Design A Custom Cake From Jarosch Bakery

Cake turns even an ordinary day into one worth celebrating. The more cake the better! No matter, whatever the occasion, delicious and mouthwatering cake is an essential part of any special event. No festive celebration or holiday gathering would be complete without the presence of the piece de resistance – the cake.

Typically you might purchase a traditional store-bought cake that’s available for immediate pickup. These are pretty generic and come in the standard selections: chocolate or vanilla cake, whipped, or buttercream frosting. These are fine for a last-might need, but when you’re planning a special celebration, you must have custom cakes in Schaumburg IL from Jarosch Bakery.

Custom cakes make the moment extra special. They show you put extra effort into creating the perfect centerpiece to symbolize this joyful celebration. More than the cake and icing flavors, the theme of the birthday or anniversary cake tells about the person it’s celebrating and adds a personal touch to your event.

Whether you need a cake for 10 or 100 people, we have endless choices available for you to create the perfect personalized cake. Some of the options for you to consider include:

Cake Shapes: Round cake or 2-3 layer sheet cakes

Cake Flavors: Yellow, devil’s food, half & half, white, marble, funfetti, graham cracker, banana, red velvet, carrot, angel food, and German chocolate

Filling: We offer 40 filling options. Choose from classics, like buttercream or whipped cream, preserves, fruits, and flavored creams, plus other scrumptious fillings, including cannoli or chocolate mousse.

Icing Flavors: Buttercream, whipped cream, chocolate buttercream, chocolate whipped cream, fudge, cream cheese, poured ganache, and fondant

European Touch: Liqueurs add an extra burst of flavor when drizzled with Amaretto, Kahlua, Chambord, Rum, Kirschwasser, or Baileys

Visit our website for the complete list of offerings, including ingredient contents, as well as examples of our custom cakes. Make your next party or special event one to remember with custom cakes from Jarosch Bakery.