Game Day Essentials

Certain Items are Available ONLY on Playoff Weekends • Visit our GAME DAY PAGE to find out more!


Monthly Features & Specials

Every month Jarosch Bakery offers different products on sale, as well as featuring seasonal items. 

January at Jarosch Bakery

Available thru February 1st

Custard Ring

Custard Ring

Lemon Raspberry Torte

Cranberry Cream Cake

Cranberry Cream Cake

Chunky Brownie Cake Square

Chunky Chocolate Brownie Cake Square

Bread Pudding and Bourbon Sauce

Bread Pudding & Bourbon Sauce

Carrot Cake Squares


15% off all month!

  • Custard Ring: $7.95 (reg $9.35)
  • Lemon Raspberry Torte
    • white vanilla cake with lemon cream and raspberry cream fillings, whipped cream icing, lemon swirl on top and white sprinkles on the side
    • 7" ~ $18.02  (reg $21.20)


  • Bread Pudding & Bourbon Sauce
    • Our cinnamon & white breads mixed with bourbon raisins and soaked in egg, cream, cinnamon, and vanilla. Served with two containers of scratch-made Bourbon Sauce (and yes - it's made with REAL bourbon!)
    • $3.90 each
  • Large Bourbon Sauce: $2.95
  • Cranberry Cream Cake: $10.95
  • Carrot Cake Squares: $3.55
  • Chunky Chocolate Brownie Squares: $3.55


  • Football Cookies: $1.60
  • Small Football Cakes: $3.25
    • Devil's Food Cakes filled with buttercream and iced with chocolate fondant
    • (Available on Game Day Weekends)
  • Spinach Feta Bread: $7.95
    • Artisanal savory bread with the earthy flavor of spinach and the bite of feta. Perfect warmed up in the oven and dipped in delicious Marinara sauce!
  • Marinara Sauce Tub: $1.95
  • Dill Dip Tub: $6.80
    • Creamy scratch-made dip with green onions, dill, and delectable spices
    • Pairs amazingly with our Rye Bread, makes a perfect veggie dip, and tastes delicious on burgers and sandwiches!
  • Rye Bread
    • Small ~ Plain: $3.70 or Seeded: $3.90
    • Large ~ Plain: $4.70 or Seeded: $4.80 
  • Garlic Bread: $5.15
    • Our French Bread slathered in our scratch-made garlic butter. Perfect baked, grilled, as a side, or even turned into garlicky pizza bread!

Gourmet Cupcakes • Cake Shots • Cake Slices

Available through February 1st

Gourmet Cupcakes: $2.98 each

Cake Shots: $1.85 each or $9.60 for 6

Cake Slices: $4.40 each