Breakfast Pastry

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Breakfast Pastries

Mornings get off to a better start, meetings are more productive and car trips are shorter when you have Jarosch Bakery breakfast pastry to satisfy your cravings. From sweet rolls to donuts, bagels to breakfast soufflé, grab it to go with a juice. We got it all!

SWEET ROLLS - Simply stated, sweet rolls are a single serving of our coffee cake. With over 15 flavors, there is a sweet roll to suit each person's taste - Almond, Apple, Apricot, Blueberry, Cheese, Cherry, Chocolate Chip, Custard, Caramel, Lemon, Peach, Raspberry, Pineapple, Pecan, Plain, Raisin, and Prune (for our more regular customers).

FRY CAKES - (i.e., donuts and raised donuts, which are fried) Varieties include: Long Johns (no filling), Cinnamon Pershings, Apple Fritters, Jelly Bismarks, and Pretzel-Shaped Fry Cakes. With the exception of the Pershings and fritters, they come either in a thin white glaze or chocolate icing.

CAKE DONUTS - Still yummy to the tummy, cake donuts come in a larger variety than the raised donuts. Get 'em with chocolate icing, plain, maple/nut, white iced, white iced with coconut, chocolate with sprinkles, cinnamon sugar, etc. At Halloween, everyone's favorite is the orange iced with chocolate sprinkles. You'll find yourself just "goblin" them down.

CUSTARD BISMARKS - Although technically a fry cake, this item is in a class of its own. With a very generous filling of our homemade custard and chocolate topping, these bismarks are to die for. The bismarks are made daily, available with the chocolate topping or with powdered sugar. REFIRGERATION REQUIRED, except if eaten right away.

KOLACKY - Kolacky, available on Thursdays in the store, can be ordered for any day of the week with a minimum 2 dozen. Mini kolacky are also available. We make our Kolacky flat, in a circular shape with apricot, prune, raspberry or cheese topping in the center and a dusting of powdered sugar.

PASTRY STICKS - Pastry sticks are logs of puff pastry dough with a cheese, apricot, or almond filling. Delicate and flaky, they make a wonderful addition to your breakfast or your after dinner dessert . Normally available on Mondays, pastry sticks can be ordered for any day of the weeks with two days advance notice and a minimum of 1 dozen.

BREAKFAST SOUFFLÉ - Chopped Sausage, Bacon, Bread Cubes, Cheese, Milk, and Eggs combine to make an excellent Grab 'n' Go item when you're craving something other than sweets. (Hard to believe, you wouldn't want sweets when you visit our bakery, but, sometimes you do.) As a fully cooked item, just heat it up in the microwave for a 1 ½ minutes and a hearty breakfast awaits you.