Game Day Goodies by Jarosch Bakery

Watch our Sweet and Savory treats duke it out for the top spot at your Big Game party on Sunday, February 5th! The best part? No matter who wins this flavor fight, the host always comes out a champion!

Team Sweet

Football Themed Desserts

Kick off Game Day with adorable and irresistible Mini Football Cakes! These chocolatey devil's food cakes are filled with sweet buttercream and covered in melted chocolate fondant. With a touch of green buttercream grass, our Mini Football Cakes are an ideal individual treat for football fans! Let the kids celebrate with our Doggie Bowl and Football Cupcake 6 Packs: each one has 3 Yellow and 3 Devil's Food Cupcakes with buttercream frosting and fun decor. For cookie lovers, Jarosch Bakery bakes Football Cookies with sweet fondant icing! The Big Game Cake will be front and center on your Game Day dessert table! This festive 7" centerpiece has layers of yellow and devil's food cake with creamy buttercream filling and icing. 

Choc Mousse Foot-Bowl PlatterOur Chocolate Bowl Platter is the quarterback of Team Sweet's All-Star Lineup! Our delicate and creamy chocolate mousse is served in a reusable and festive football shaped bowl amidst a platter of a half pound of buttery yellow pound cake cubes and 24 crunchy mini chocolate chip cookies-- both perfect for dipping. You may want to grab extra cookies and pound cake just in case  guests start snacking before the game!





NEW! Gourmet Brownie Bar Packs

Jarosch Bakery brownies are famous throughout Chicagoland for their rich, chocolatey, and chewy base with crunchy nuts and gooey fudge icing. For Game Day 2017, we've taken those incredible brownies and turned the flavor volume up to 11! Available in pre-packed containers of 6 brownies, choose from 4 fantastic Gourmet Brownie Packages: S'more, Cookies 'n' Cream, Trail Mix, and Sweet & Salty (picture coming soon). These will be available only from February 1st through the 4th so be sure to pre-order!


Team Savory

IT'S BACK! Spinach & Feta Bread with Marinara Sauce

Spinach Feta Bread / Marinara

After a five year hiatus, Jarosch Bakery's gourmet Spinach & Feta Bread is back for the last few weekends of the football season! Soft bread dough is rolled with salty spinach and tangy feta cheese for a Grecian inspired loaf your guests will love. We recommend serving the bread warmed with our Marinara Dipping Sauce for a savory artisanal appetizer perfect for any party! Quantities are limited and the Spinach & Feta Bread freezes well so be sure to reserve yours ahead and stock up on extras.





Cornbread Pieces 1

Nothing pairs better with Game Day Chili than Jarosch Bakery Cornbread! It's crumbly, it's buttery, it's corny (like this joke!) and the best part? Our bakers do all the work so you can sit back and enjoy! Available in 8x8 square loaves, choose between Regular Cornbread and the customer favorite-- Jalapeño Cheddar Cornbread!


Rye Bread & Dill Dip

Rye Bread w/ Dill Dip

The classic pairing of Rye Bread and Dill Dip are back for the Big Game! Jarosch Bakery's creamy homemade Dill Dip is a savory blend of cream cheese with dill, scallions, and a few secret ingredients. Obviously it makes the perfect dip for rye bread and veggies, but you'll want to order an extra tub or two since our Dill Dip is also great on burgers, sandwiches, and salmon! From Wednesday, February 1st through Saturday, February 4th, you'll be able to pick up 1# Dill Dip Tubs, Rye Bread Loaves, and Bags of Cubed Rye Bread.




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