Hanukkah at Jarosch Bakery

Celebrate the Festival of Lights with Hanukkah themed sweets, fried donuts, and Challah Bread!   

Holiday Deadlines and Hours

Place your orders early! Due to the high volume of Holiday orders, we cut off ordering several days before December 24th. Orders for some products may be stopped even earlier than the deadlines below so the sooner you place your order the better! In addition, certain products– such as rye & cinnamon breads, eclairs & bismarks, miniature pastries, and more– will be available for pick up later in the morning rather than right when we open. Our friendly and helpful staff will answer all your questions to ensure the best experience possible at Jarosch Bakery!


Last Day to Place SHIPPING Orders: Monday, December 12th – All orders placed after the 12th will be sent out January 3rd or after.

Last Day to Place  ALL COOKIE ORDERS: Saturday, December 17th – This applies to any and all cookies, from chocolate chip & butter jumbles to iced and butter cookies, and gift items as well. 

Last Day to Place BAKERY (Non-Cookie) Orders: Wednesday, December 21st – This deadline includes all products except custom decorated cakes.

*Due to the high volume of holiday orders to be packed on Saturday, December 24th, we CANNOT ANSWER THE PHONES until that afternoon so please order ahead. If you want to shop, there will be plenty of products for purchase in store.

Star of David Desserts

Beginning mid-December, you’ll find plenty of blue and white treats amidst the red and green, like Hanukkah themed Brownie Six Packs, and Button Cookie Bags already wrapped for gift giving during the eight days and eight nights. Our Star of David Cookie Packs contain 8 shaped sugar cookies-- one for each night of Hanukkah-- decorated with blue sugar, white sugar, and sprinkles.  Be sure to order any cookies you want by our deadline: Saturday, December 17th!

Order a braided butter and egg Challah Bread for your Hanukkah table— available with Sesame Seeds, Poppy Seeds, or Plain. In addition, we offer a wide selection of fried donuts daily, most notably for Hanukkah are the Jelly Bismarks filled with black raspberry jam and covered in granulated sugar, as well as our Custard Bismarks dusted with powdered sugar. For that extra special dessert, kids will love our festive Hanukkah Cupcake Pack while the adults enjoy a slice from our gorgeous Hanukkah Centerpiece Cake!

Due to the hustle and bustle of the holidays, all non-cookie orders must be placed by Wednesday, December 21st.

Challa BreadChalla Bread is a soft butter and egg that's traditionally braided for the Hanukkah table. It's available to order year round and can be made to order with sesame or poppy seeds on top. Also, if you place a special order, we will bake our Challa Bread with raisins in the dough.

Hanukkah Cupcake PackEach Hannukah Cupcake Six Pack has three tender yellow dough and three fluffy devil's food dough cupcakes iced with our sweet and creamy buttercream swirled with white and blue. A dreidel pick is placed on each one, making this cupcake pack both festive and fun!

Hanukkah cake slice

Hanukkah CakeDress up your Hanukkah table this holiday with the 7" Hanukkah Centerpiece Cake. Serving 10-12 people, the cake is made with three full layers of vanilla white dough-- two tinted blue and one white-- with white chocolate mousse filling between the layers and iced in a smooth vanilla buttercream. For a festive finish, our decorators add a Hanukkah sign, a rim of silver crystal sugar, blue borders, and pixie dust that will sparkle in the candlelight. 

Contact us to shop for your special Christmas desserts this holiday season. We create a wide selection of holiday treats for our customers throughout Elk Grove Village, Illinois, and the Chicago Metro area.